2004 APR 2nd -To make a long story short, I apologize for not updating the site more frequently. It's taking me a long time to finish up the third volume of GIRL: The Second Coming, but it looks like it'll be out this fall. For the misinformed, doing erotic comics won't make you rich and I've been selling my work through commissions and e-Bay auctions to pay rent and have a hot meal every now and then. On top of that, I have no assistants, so I have to run my own errands, do mailings and finish a fully painted book. I'll try to write more and put up some new stuff and I hope you folks can bear with me a little while longer. Right now I a have another page staring me in the face, begging me to finish this damn book so you can see it. So long, -Kev.

There are some temporary changers happening to the site. Membership will be temporarily cut off till further notice. People who have joined in the past will see some occational updates to the site and their passwords and usernames will remain active till further notice. Sorry for the delays. Black Lace Studios

2001 Oct 25- Kevin has posted an original Pen Sketch for auction at Ebay. The listing can be found by searching the Ebay Seller ID of www.blacklacestudios.com. Kevin will be offering a new matted signed print limited to 50 copies. It should be posted by Nov. 1st 2001.

2001 Oct 05- The Signed Limited Member Prints will be discontinued beginning January 1st 2002. Our apologies to people who have requested invitation for Girl World and have not received a response. Invitations will start going out again in a few days.

2001 June 14- Kevin's First All Adult Portfolio is available exclusively through Black Lace Studios. A censored preview of the work can be seen in the Products Section listed under Portfolios on the Site.

2001 May 26- We've added a few more images and changes to the gallery. Kevin will be attending the San Diego Comic Con from Friday July 19th thru Sunday July 22nd. He will be at the "NBM Publishing" booth. Certain materials downloaded from the "Black Lace Studios" site will be signed for Girl World members only.

2001 May 8- The invitation for Girl World are going out in waves. After the back log of invitations are addressed we will be sending out the invitations for current requests within a few days. All people who have requested invitation and not received one by May 11th should email another rerquest. The Signed Prints will be shipped a few days after password and user names are emailed to the members.

2001 Apr 26- New features and information are constantly being added to this web site such as Kevin's poster from Spain. Black Lace Studios will do its best to keep all Kevin J Taylor Fans well informed. A very limited number of these posters may be made available, but we're making no promises.

We will be adding a Comments and "Contact Us" option to the "What's New" section. Reviews of any story or book created or written by Kevin Taylor will be accepted through contactus@blacklacestudios.com. Any reviewer posted on the site will receive a gift from Black Lace Studios and receive credit for their review.

We encourage people to continue sending in convention sketches. We'd like to see more.

And please future members and friends, feel free to let us know what you think.

2001 APR 7th - New information is available at "GIRL WORLD." Kevin's full vision of "GIRL WORLD" is more than a year away but there are going to be many great opportunities for members that join during the Pre-Opening Charter Membership period. The invitations are now schedualed to go out sometime late April or early May 2001. We are constantly adding new material and ask for everyone's understanding. Rest assured that all "Girl World" requests will be processed in the order received and that request confirmations go out about every 3 to 4 weeks.

2001 MAR 20th - Kevin Taylor is working without rest on his new book, "Girl: The Second Coming" and the develpoment of this web site. We have already received and posted a couple of convention sketches and will be posting some more shortly. We are also adding new pictures of hard to find issues and other unusual Kevin Taylor pieces on a regular basis. Please feel free to comment and contribute short reviews on any work. Those published on the site will be credited for the review.

The exact opening date of "Girl World" is not exactly known (sometime in March or April 2001). However there are already a few pictures posted. This will be a site that will contain many never before published works along with a few rare pieces that are seldom seen. By making your requests early you have an opportunity to receive a Limited Edition Signed print that Kevin is doing for the Charter Members of "Girl World." This print will be offered for a limited time and will be a bonus exclusively to the membership. Everyone who has already emailed a request will be offered an early opportunity to join and reserve a print. The membership cost will be minimal but well worth the price of membership. The value of the Limited Edition Print will far exceed the price of membership. There will be no watermarks on conspicuous portions of images posted in "Girl World." You will receive an official invitaion by email once "Girl World" gets close to opening.

2001 FEB 18th - The Black Lace Studios web site is still under constuction but we have already received several requests for "Girl World" membership. We will respond to all inquires as soon as possible with details of what will be offered to members. All sales of merchandise offerd in the product section will be handled as quickly as possible.

2001 FEB 5th - Black Lace Studios will soon have a new Gallery section devoted to the Convention Sketches of Kevin J Taylor. Black Lace Studios will offer an opportunity for Fans who have convention sketches drawn by Taylor to receive a limited edition Print signed by Kevin. This Limited Print will be an unique item offered to contributors, members and shoppers of the website. The limited edition print will not be available for direct purchase or sale anywhere. Fans who wish to submit Convention Sketches for posting on the upcomming gallery section of the Website should submit by emailed to kevintaylor@blacklacestudios.com.The submissions should be 200 DPI and approx. 8"x10" in JPG format. Not all sbmissions will be posted and only posted submissions will be awarded a Limited Edition Print. This will be a wonderful opportunity for Taylor fans to share some unique and rare works done by Taylor over the years.

2000 Dec 9th - Black Lace Studios is now online.