What's New For Members

2004 APR 2nd -To make a long story short, I apologize for not updating the site more frequently. It's taking me a long time to finish up the third volume of GIRL: The Second Coming, but it looks like it'll be out this fall. For the misinformed, doing erotic comics won't make you rich and I've been selling my work through commissions and e-Bay auctions to pay rent and have a hot meal every now and then. On top of that, I have no assistants, so I have to run my own errands, do mailings and finish a fully painted book. I'll try to write more and put up some new stuff and I hope you folks can bear with me a little while longer. Right now I a have another page staring me in the face, begging me to finish this damn book so you can see it. So long, -Kev.

There are some temporary changers happening to the site. Membership will be temporarily cut off till further notice. People who have joined in the past will see some occational updates to the site and their passwords and usernames will remain active till further notice. Sorry for the delays. Black Lace Studios

2003 MAY 10st - There are some changes in the Works at the Black Lace Studios Web Site. Kevin will begin selling some of his original comic panels over the next few weeks. Members can contact Kevin directly at the Email address listed in the members area. Check the Auctions and Sales for further detail on upcoming sales.

Kevin Will be attending the Comic Con in San Diego as Guest of NBM Publishing and Fans can most likely find him at that Booth on Friday and Saturday of the Comic Con.

2002 JAN 31st - The Limited Edition Member Prints are no longer available. If you are a member and have not received your print, don't worry the final shipment of prints are going out in about 14 days. Even a few people who joined back in December can not anticipate the arrival of the print. Sorry for the delay. Kevin is again busy working on the next installment of "Girl: The Second Coming" and will be adding new material soon to "Girl World"

2001 Oct 27th -
*All current 3 Month and 6 Month Girl World Members will be given an opportunity to upgrade their membership to a one year membership. The upgrades will be offered from Now till Noverber 30th 2001.

*The details can be found at the Members Bonus area.

*Three Month members may upgrade for $25.00

*Six Month Members may upgrade for $15.00

Members bonus and Perks

2001 Oct 25th - Kevin has posted an original Pen Sketch for auction at Ebay. Members can preview the work through the auction link in "Girl World". Kevin will also be offering a new Signed & Matted print limited to 50 copies. The preview should be posted by Nov. 1st 2001 in both the Products Section and the Girl World Member Store. Finally, the many people who have been waiting for Member Prints can expect to see them During the first week of November. They will be shipped on the 1st. A new Gif has been added and a new download is being added by the 1st.

2001 Oct 5th - Sorry for any delays in the delivery of the signed prints for members. A group of prints seems to have gotten lost. Most members who signed up around the beginning of September will be receiving their prints in approximately two weeks. New Prints will go out about that time. Again sorry for any delays.

Now for some good news, we'll be posting a full color version of the 12 Page "Blue and Marty Story" starting in a few days. A page or so will go up every couple of weeks. There are some surprises planned so keep looking.

2001 Sept 7th - Many apologies to the members waiting for updates and news. Black Lace Studios has added a Girl World Members Store. Exclusive and special merchandise will be coming soon. We are currently running an auction on Ebay. New images are being added to the Convention Sketch area. The first book of Kevin's Series "Girl: The Second Coming" is now in the hands of Kevin's Publisher, NBM, and he is able to take a short breather before he starts his second book in the series. Kevin has added a new feature to the "Girl World" section "Strip of the Month" Here Kevin is posting stories long out of print for the benefit if international members who have difficulty acquiring some of Kevin's vintage material.

2001 Aug 2nd - Part Two of the Blue and Marty Story was posted late last night. We apologize for any delays during the last two weeks. The San Diego Comic Con has set the Web Site, and Kevin, back a few days. Two new art downloads have been added and several others have been taken down temporarily. The current links post the dates the downloads will reappear.

2001 JULY 5th - Part One of the Blue and Marty Story was posted on July 1st 2001. Part Two is scheduled to go up August 1st 2001 Kevin's New All Adult Portfolio "GIRLS: Hardcore" has started being shipped this week. Sorry for the delay members but it will be worth it. The "Jill" story will remain up till July 7th because of the new members that joined the site in the last few days. A new image download will be posted on July 15th.

2001 JUNE 14th - A new Download will be added to Girl World by the Weekend along with a preview of Kevin's New All Adult Portfolio. In addition to the discount that members receive on purchases, Members who purchase the new Portfolio will receive an image exclusive to the membership. A couple more downloads will be going up by the end of the month and the "Jill" story will be coming down.

2001 MAY 26th - Some changes are being made to the site, Thanks for your understanding. We are grouping the downloads on a specific page in Girl World to make downloads more convenient. The specific dates material will be available will be listed on that page. We will be making more and more material available as time goes on.

2001 MAY 14th - Welcome members to Girl World. We will be updating and adding to Girl World on a regular basis. Beginning June, we will have a high-grade download of "Exotica Blue" for approx. 6 weeks. This was a very limited Ashcan that Kevin did in 1993 for the San Diego Comic Con. Only around 300 copies were printed. Both covers will be included in the download. Since these are copyrighted materials for members only, Kevin will sign downloaded material at shows for members only. Occasionally we will print the covers to the stories here at Black Lace Studios and send signed copies to all current members.

Various high grade downloads will be available for only about 6 weeks at a time. Kevin also has a 40 page unpublished story and art that he is going to make available to the membership on a series basis starting this summer. Five pages will be posted for download every 2 to 4 weeks.

A high-grade print will be made available for download at least once a month beginning also in June. Certain member galleries will come and go and come back again but the downloads will be around for only 6 weeks at a time.

As time goes on the membership will come to understand the benefits and advantages of being, as Kevin put it, "an accomplice of Black Lace Studios."

2001 MAY 2nd - The following are the membership options available for GIRL WORLD:

* Three Months- $24.95
* Six Months - $34.95
* ONE YEAR - $49.95

Each of the options above will include the Limited Edition Signed Print for a limited time

2001 APR 24th - The invitations for Girl World membership will start to go out May 1st, 2001. The following features will be available exclusively to members:

* An underpublished Jill and Jessie Story "Memorial Day Weekend" published only in a foreign publication will be available for High Quality download and online preview in English for the first time and for a limited time only.

* Currently displayed, 7 full color pages from the upcoming series "Girl: the Second Coming."

* The unpublished pictures from the Main Gallery Section and other works displayed without watermarks

* Some fun Animated GIFs. You can see "Girl" and her friends move.

* In addition members will receive other perks and opportunities afforded those with membership. During the upcoming months, Kevin Taylor Original Art will be offered for sale - some pieces exclusively to members. Also, special discounts will be offered to members for original art offered by Black Lace Studios on Ebay.