New Message from Kevin

To Girl World members and fans-

November 9, 2002

WHAT: "Fantasy:From the Erotic to the Sensuous" A gallery exhibition of erotic art, paintings and sculptures by contemporary artists.

WHEN: Sunday, November 17, 2002, opening reception for the gallery exhibition is 3:00-7:00 pm. From-November 17, 2002 -December 29, 2002 phone-718-638-8416, E-mail: gallery hours-Saturdays from 12 - 5 p.m. or by appointment.

WHERE: Danny Simmons' Corridor Gallery, 334 Grand Avenue, Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, N.Y., 11238

WHO: Yours truly-(Kevin J. Taylor) with a slew of paintings, along with ten other artists, eight of them women. (No, it wasn't my idea, but you have to admire the coincidence.)

DIRECTIONS: BY CAR- over Manhattan Bridge, left on Myrtle Avenue, right on Washington Park, left on Greene Avenue, right on Grand Avenue BY SUBWAY- C-train (front of train) to Clinton/Washington stop, cross Fulton Avenue, straight on Grand Avenue.

At the opening reception, there will be a television crew from a cable show there to conduct interviews and cover the opening, so those attending should prepare themselves. Afterwards, there will be an orgy on the roof. Well, we'll see how it goes. Feel free to forward this to whoever you feel would like to attend, and who you think is horny.

October 5, 2002

It's taken longer than I thought to finish the 2nd volume of GIRL: The Second Coming, but hopefully it'll be worth the wait. If you've been following the last three issues of Sizzle magazine from NBM, you've seen the book serialized at the pencil stage. And, although I delivered the finished painted book one month late-eleven months after I started-it will still be out on time, in the first half of December. A great Christmas gift for that special someone!

Before starting volume 3 of Girl, I'll be taking some time to do commissions for those interested. So, send in your requests and I'll quote a price and time frame to do it. I'll be doing this for only a month or two because I'll need to begin laboring over the next book then.

On November 17th, I'll have a bunch of work in a gallery exhibition in Brooklyn, N.Y. with some other artists. As the date nears, I'll list the details and you can check out NBM's site where it will be listed as well.

I'm starting to post original art for auction on this site and on E-bay Check it out every now and then as there will be new paintings and some published pages from some of my books, and maybe a cover or two. I'll try to make this a regular thing, so keep checking back.

Also, there will be some changes with the members section coming up. The webmaster of this site is Ted, the most patient webster on the internet, and dealing with a chunk head like me, he has to be. I hope you all appreciate all the work he's done with my work on this site and you can be as patient with me as he's been. Thanks to all of you for stopping by, and I hope you stop in again every once in a while.

In the meantime,I'll be behind the drawing board.


April 28,2002

Since early September I've been working on the second volume of "GIRL: The Second Coming", as well as illustrations for an upcoming gallery show in New York. Because of the time it takes to first pencil, then letter, and then fully paint each page, I've been unable to put up new work on the site on a consistent shedule.

I will be supplying new stories to the members section and I'm working on putting up a lengthy unpublished story, exclusive to Girl World. I genuinely appreciate the support of all of you members and your patience as I hope to finish the next GIRL book by mid or late June for a fall release. I don't use a computer to paint with, prefering to paint by hand, so I don't benifit from the apparent speediness of computer coloring. I'll be posting a few pages so you can see how it's going.

In the meantime, I'll be providing new pieces for the site to keep you updated with new work and although I'm unable to respond to every message, I hope to keep you returning to Black Lace Studios to see the latest.

Thanks for hangin' out.

Kevin J. Taylor